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6.x: Message 'You cannot use the EurekaLog package in other packages'.
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 02 April 2009 10:28
When I add ExceptionExpertXXX.bpl to my package I get an error message 'You cannot use the EurekaLog package in other packages. Remove the "XXX" file from the "YYY" package and rebuild it.' when compiling my project.

Remove package ExceptionExpertZZ.bpl from your package. ExceptionExpertZZ.bpl is expert, not a run-time package.

1. ExceptionExpertZZ contains only expert, which processes your application when you are compiling them in IDE. It is not suitable for run-time using.
But you still can try to use it, if you want (it is experimantal and not official recommended) - open EurekaLog.ini (it is in your Application Data\EurekaLog folder or also can be in Windows folder) and add
line to [IDE] section in this ini-file.
2. You need to store all EurekaLog code in exe - that's the best way. Pass EurekaLog's routines to other DLLs or packages, if you need to.

See also: What is the best way for using EurekaLog with packages?

Checked EL version: 6.0.19
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