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How can I send error reports automatically, without dialog (which requires operator response)?
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 02 April 2009 10:34
There is at least 3 ways of doing it.

1. Set "Dialog type" to "(none)". This option is located on "Exceptions dialogs" tab. This will disable dialog for all exceptions. You can also do this in runtime: CurrentEurekaLogOptions.ExceptionDialogType := edtNone (units ExceptionLog and ECore).

2. You can use exception filters. Add new filter, select exception type and set handler to EurekaLog and set dialog type to "(none)". This will disable dialog for certain exception types. Note, that is you'll set handler to none or RTL - the bug-report will not be sended.

3. You can use the ExceptionActionNotify event (see ). You can assign your own custom event handler, where you should pay attention to atShowingExceptionInfo and atShowedExceptionInfo action types.
To block error dialog you set Execute := False for atShowingExceptionInfo and Execute := True for atShowedExceptionInfo.
See also few examples:

If you application consists only of one main exe file and other 3rd party code do not use EL - then all you have to do is assign event handler in any place/unit of your application.

If your application consists of several DLLs/BPLs - then answer MAY vary, depending on how do you use them.

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