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6.x: ILINK error "Unresolved external" with multiple IDEs installed
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 16 September 2009 16:09
When I enable EurekaLog in my project and try to recompile application - I get a linker error, saying that there are unresolved externals, related to EurekaLog.

There must be something wrong with your IDE's or project's settings. Apparently, linker trying to use files, designed for other version of BDS. Since there can be changes between RTLs in different versions of Delphi or C++ Builder - this can lead to dcu/obj incompatibility and linker errors.

Check your IDE's and project's settings and correct them, as required. Make sure, that there is proper version of EurekaLog's expert installed (Component/Install packages) - the one, which designed for your version of BDS. You can also try to install only one set of EurekaLog files.

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