6.x: I have get no meaningfull call stacks at all. And Compilation date field is empty!
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 23 February 2011 07:58


 Compilation date field is empty in bug report. Call stacks doesn't contain useful information.


Empty compilation date means that EurekaLog wasn't able to read debug information, embedded into your executable.

There can be several reasons for this:

  • You don't call EurekaLog's post-processor for your executable. If you compile inside IDE - make sure that you have EurekaLog expert installed and EurekaLog is enabled in options. If you compile outside IDE - make sure that you're using ecc32/emake compiler, as outlined in this article
  • EurekaLog's code and EurekaLog's debug information have different versions. This usually happens during upgrade of EurekaLog. For example, you can use new EurekaLog's code, but post-process by old ecc32/emake compiler or visa versa.
  • (C++ Builder only) you can accidentialy link against old code.
  • (C++ Builder only) if you develop .exe and .dll with different EurekaLog versions - it could be that you link your .exe against code from .dll. Which means that new and old EurekaLog's code are mixed together.



  • Clean reinstalltion of EurekaLog following these guidelines
  • Carefull check your compilation process and make sure that you call EurekaLog's post-processor.


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