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6.x: Installer Runtime Error or Access Denied Error
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 20 March 2009 09:06


 I get the message like this when I run the EurekaLog installer:

Runtime Error (at 37:687):
Cannot open file

Or like this:

Unable to execute the file in the temporary directory. Installation aborted.
Error 5: Access is denied.



  • If you have any anti-virus or other scanner running - make sure that it does not interfere with unpacking files (for example, anti-virus can block access to files due to false-positive alert).
  • Check logs for your anti-virus software.
  • If your anti-virus is complaining about any file - send the file to to check if this is a false-positive.
  • Try to temporarily disable anti-virus during installation.
  • Try to clear your %TEMP% folder.
  • Check if you have enough free disk space.
  • You should also try to run installer under admin account (run it elevated under Vista or later Windows versions).
  • Install all available Windows updates via Windows Update.

P.S. All EurekaLog installers are build in the isolated VM machine running latest Windows 10, which has default Windows Antivirus with latest updates. The VM is not used for any other purposes, so the only software downloads on that VM are developer tools. Therefore, it is unlikely that this VM (and produced installers) are infected. 

Checked EL version: 6.0.19
Ticket ID: 301

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