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6.x: EurekaLog does not work under a different user account
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 24 March 2009 13:59


 There can be problems when using EurekaLog on developer machine under user account that differs from the one that installed EurekaLog before.
For example, ecc32.exe can crash if it is executed from system service (which is running under system user account). The EurekaLog's expert can fail to load. Etc.


Developer parts of EurekaLog require BorDebug.dll, which can be found in EurekaLog's folder (the default is C:\Program Files\EurekaLog 6\BorDebug.dll). Path to BorDebug.dll is writed by installer to user account settings. Therefore these settings can not be found if you are running EurekaLog under different user account.


Known workarounds:

1. Install EurekaLog under user account that you want to use.
2. Add a EurekaLog's folder (for example: "C:\Program Files\EurekaLog 6\") to %PATH% environment variable of target user account.
3. Export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EurekaLog registry key from your account. And then import it to target user account.
4. Just copy BorDebug.dll to Delphi's/C++ Builder's bin folder (usually something like C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\6.0\bin\) or any other place, where EurekaLog can find this DLL.

Checked EL version: 6.0.18
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