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7.x: "Application type" is not saved
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 23 July 2012 09:03


I set "Application type" option to "VCL Forms Application". However, when I open options dialog again - this option is reset to default "Custom settings / unsupported application".


"Application type" combo box is not a standalone option. This is like "templates". When you select value from combo box - then some other options for your project will be set according to the selected template. For example, when you select "VCL Forms Application": hooks for Application.ShowException will be used. Also, dialog will be switched to MS Classic, DLL exports reader (debug information provider) will be included, etc.

This means that if you manually change some option to another value - then your settings will not match the selected template. That's why "Application type" option will be reset to default "Custom settings".

A common reason for "Application type" option being reset is usage of "EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode". EurekaLog 6 didn't have concept of application types. That's why when you enable EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode, "Application type" option will be reset.


Just do nothing. If you changed some options to match your needs and desires - then there is no need to revert it back (by re-selecting application type) just to see (for example) "VCL Forms Application" value in "Application type" combo box.

If you want to know more about which options are affected by "Application type" combo box - see description of application types in help.

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