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Access Violation in Open/Save dialog or unable to start Viewer
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 26 September 2012 14:09


I have strange crashes/AVs when trying to open or save file from EurekaLog (IDE or tools). Viewer is unable to start - just nothing happens.


Most common reason for any issues within system dialogs is bad Shell (Explorer) extension. Shell extensions needs to be loaded into each process in order to work. If they contain some kind of bug - they may crash other processes.

A typical example for developer machine is TortoiseSVN. We have many requests with crashes that were resolving by updating TortoiseSVN to the latest version. Check your version and change log for TortoiseSVN.

Example for user machine - Classic Shell extensions.


  • Try to update your Shell extensions to be up to date.
  • Try to uninstall your Shell extensions.

Note: use ShellExView tool or a similar tool to browse installed extensions.

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