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6.x: I get encrypted report even though I didn't set any password?
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 02 October 2012 08:19


My EurekaLog-enabled application generates bug reports in encrypted form, but I didn't specify any password. What is this default password?


Most probably that your EurekaLog settings was corrupted.

Note: in some cases "corrupted" means correct, but unknown format. For example, different EurekaLog versions stores options in slightly different format. This may cause problems when opening same project in two different EurekaLog versions. Usually this happens when downgrading EurekaLog - because new EurekaLog version can recognize older format and convert it, but older versions are not awared of the format of the new EurekaLog version, which may cause wrong settings to be set.


Remove EurekaLog configuration from your project and re-setup it:

  1. Close your project in IDE. 
  2. Make a backup of your project files (only project files, no units).
  3. Open your project configuration file (.dproj, .cbproj, .bdsproj, .dof, etc.) in any text editor (like Notepad).
  4. Find block with EurekaLog configuration at the end of the file.
  5. Remove it and save file.
  6. Re-open your project in IDE.
  7. Re-setup EurekaLog options.

Alternatively, if you not able to remove EurekaLog configuration from the project - just walk through all EurekaLog options and re-setup them.

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