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6.x: Deleted bug reports keep coming back in Viewer
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 11 October 2012 11:48


I just can not delete bug report from file. Each time I delete it - it keeps coming back after restarting Viewer.


This is "as designed" behaviour. Viewer 3.x (which ships with EurekaLog 6) is bug report database application. "Delete" button removes bug report from database. It does not remove bug report from the file. Thus, when you open file again - all bug reports inside it will be re-imported into database.


A). Viewer 3.x: delete original file after opening it in Viewer. File is imported into bug reports database on first open. You can delete file after this, all bug reports will be stored inside database. You can delete reports from database as you wish.

B). Viewer 4.x: Viewer 4.x (which ships with EurekaLog 7) allows both operation modes - as pure Viewer application or as bug reports aggregator. You can setup preferred mode in options or just use right-click on file for more options. This is greatly described in documentation on Viewer and how-to's.

You can install Viewer 4 by installing freeware EurekaLog Tools Pack. It can be installed over EurekaLog 6 installation without affecting it.

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