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6.x: Access Violation/crash for application with EurekaLog 6 and XE2
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 31 October 2012 13:43


I get access violation exception every time I start the application. Then application crashes. I use EurekaLog 6 and XE2 IDE.


Update 3 for RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi and C++ Builder) has broken working of EurekaLog. It contain breaking changes, which makes it incompatible with older version of EurekaLog.


The EurekaLog 6.1.04 RC 2 (or newer) should be able to address this issue. You may download it from our web-site: area for the registered customers.

Note: EurekaLog 6.1.04 RC 2 is not compatible with Delphi XE2/C++ Builder XE2 update 1 or update 2. You must have update 3 installed. If you don't have update 3 installed - you'll have a warning during installation.

  • Use 6.1.04 RC 2 (or newer) for XE2 update 3 (or newer).
  • Use 6.1.04 RC 1 (or older) for XE2, XE2 update 1, XE2 update 2.

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