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7.x: Almost all sending to web-tracker (JIRA, Mantis, etc.) fails with generic error message or bug report files are not attached
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 26 January 2016 06:47


I set up sending to a web-tracker. I'm pretty sure that entered settings are correct (e.g. "Test" button in EurekaLog project settings dialog may work, or sending from real application may work). However, sending (either from "Test" button or from real application) may fail sometimes (or most of the times). The failure is either entire bug report is not sent, or bug report is sent, but bug report file is not attached.


Your web-server or web-tracker may have size limitation for requests, replies, or file uploads. Sending will fail if current report is greater than this size limit. Sending will succeed if current report is less than this size limit. If API requires two steps (to create bug report and attach file) - then bug report itself may be created successfully (as small text), but file attaching will fail (as file is large).


  1. Diagnose that problem is indeed some sort of a size limit:
    1. Use run-time debug mode to add a logging to your application;
    2. Use Fiddler or WireShark to monitor network traffic between your application and web-tracker;
    3. There should be some sort of error messages/code indicating failure due to size limitation.
  2. Increase size limit or remove it.

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