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7.x: "EurekaLogCore contains implicit unit(s) Web.Win.IsapiHTTP" or "It contains unit Web.Win.IsapiHTTP, which is also contained in package EurekaLogCore"
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 17 March 2019 21:27


I get the following messages when trying to compile or install my own package, 3rd party package, or 3rd party framework:

  • "The following changes are necessary to make this package compatible with other installed packages. Choose OK to apply these changes and rebuild the package: Add EurekaLogCore. EurekaLogCore contains implicit unit(s) Web.Win.IsapiHTTP".
  • "Cannot load package 'my-package.' It contains unit 'Web.Win.IsapiHTTP', which is also contained in package 'EurekaLogCore'."



  1. Same unit may not appear in two or more loaded packages;
  2. Web.Win.IsapiHTTP unit is not included in any default RTL/VCL package, which means this unit became part of any package that references this unit.

E.g. Web.Win.IsapiHTTP becomes part of EurekaLogCore package, your own package / 3rd party package / 3rd party framework.



You need to move Web.Win.IsapiHTTP unit into a new package, which will be shared by all other packages that need Web.Win.IsapiHTTP unit:

Step 1: prepare shared package:

  1. Create new run-time package;
  2. Add Web.Win.IsapiHTTP unit to this package ("contains" section);
  3. Add rtl, vcl, inet packages to "requires" section;
  4. Build modified package.

Step 2: redirect other packages to use new shared package:

  1. Open EurekaLogCore package (available in EurekaLog Enterprise);
  2. Add package name from previous step to "requires" section;
  3. Rebuild the package;
  4. Use "Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" tool to reinstall EurekaLog.

Step 3+: repeat "Step 2" actions for your own packages, 3rd party packages, 3rd party frameworks.

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