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7.x: "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application"
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 20 March 2019 11:45


I get "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application." error message when working with EurekaLog.



The error message comes from ERROR_IOPL_NOT_ENABLED (197/$C5) error code.

It is usually caused by damaged installation of MS Office (which itself may be caused by operating system upgrade). The issue is that EurekaLog may use Simple MAPI or MAPI, which will load MAPI DLL. MAPI DLL comes from Outlook when MS Office is installed. Therefore, configuration problem of MS Office/Outlook will affect EurekaLog when it try to use (Simple) MAPI.



  1. Repair your MS Office installation. Search internet for possible solutions.
  2. Alternatively, add explicit MAPI DLL override for EurekaLog only: 
    1. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EurekaLab\EurekaLog\7.0 registry key (you can also add a global override by going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\[WOW6432Node\]EurekaLab\EurekaLog\7.0 registry key);
    2. Create DLLPath and DLLPathEx string values;
    3. Specify full file path to alternative MAPI DLL as these values. For example: %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\hmmapi.dll, %ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Mail\smapi.dll, or C:\Windows\System32\mapi32.dll. File must exist.
  3. Alternatively, add explicit MAPI DLL override per application:
    1. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[WOW6432Node\]Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem\MSMapiApps registry key;
    2. Add a new application=mail client pair, where the application is .exe file name of the crashed application, and the mail client is name of registry subkey under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[WOW6432Node\]Clients\Mail. For example: Viewer.exe=Hotmail.


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