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My dll/bpl was not compiled with EurekaLog enabled, but EL is able to show proper call stack for it. How EL do this?
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 02 April 2009 10:49
Enabling EurekaLog means two things:
1). Installing exception hooks (by using ExceptionLog).
2). Embedding debug information in EL format.

At the current moment (v6.x) there is no way to enable/disable only one thing.

EurekaLog supports several alternative sources of debug information for modules, including TD32 debug information (either embedded in exe or in external file), map files, jdbg (JEDI debug information - again, either embedded in exe or in external file).

If you didn't enabled EurekaLog for your BPL or DLL - then other source of debug information was enabled, and EurekaLog was able to use it.

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