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Performance of my application becames very low if I enable EL!
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 02 April 2009 11:12
Normally EurekaLog can not slow down your application, since it is not active almost all time. The only moments, when EL becames active (and do its work) are:
1). The exception is raised. Since EL does a lot of work for processing exception the processing takes time and if your code uses exceptions for notifications reasons (not as emergency mechanism as it should be) then this processing can slow you down.
2). With enabled anti-freeze feature EL monitors your primary thread.
3). With enabled catch mem-leaks feature EL can decrease your performance up to 5% by doing logging of your memory operations.

Therefore great decreasing in application performance usually means that you abuse exception system - in the sense that your code raising exception very frequently (possible in for/while/repeat-cycle) as its normal execution. As workaround - you can programmatically enable/disable EL by using SetEurekaLogState or SetEurekaLogInThread - see

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