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6.x: IDE integration
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 20 April 2010 11:11
It’s worth to note, that EurekaLog integrates itself into Delphi’s IDE, hooking all IDE exceptions too. I.e. EurekaLog catches not only errors in your applications, but in Delphi too. This is an useful feature for old Delphi’s version, which do not have similar feature. New Delphis come with their own tool for automatic reporting – so you may want to disable this EurekaLog behaviour.

In any case – you can turn on/off or on this behaviour in “EurekaLog”/”EurekaLog IDE Options” menu, if you want to.

“IDE Integration” check-box enables exception hooking inside IDE. Here is an example of IDE problem.

Apparently, not all people realize, that EurekaLog hooks IDE too. Sometimes they confuse errors with their applications and errors with IDE. If you’re in doubt – turn off this option.

If you see EurekaLog error dialog - first, check who is it: is it a Delphi.exe, Bds.exe or YourApp.exe? If it is a first case - then it something wrong with IDE, not with your application or EurekaLog. Consider sending this bug report to Delphi's developers. If you have new Delphi, then it may have automatic report sending tool. You can use it instead of EurekaLog. Just turn off EurekaLog IDE integration for this (see above).

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