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6.x Wrong FROM with SMTP client send mode?
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 19 October 2011 10:00


FROM field can be different from specified in settings. Thus, my SMTP server denies sending because FROM field doesn't match account name.


This is as designed behaviour. Sender address is specified in settings, but can be changed at run-time. You can use MS Classic style dialog to show e-mail input box for user to specify his e-mail. This e-mail will be used for sending e-mails. Usually, this is useful, because you can see user e-mail in your e-mail client. This works well for all other e-mail send modes. However, SMTP client mode could be a problem, because not all SMTP servers allow you to send e-mails not from your name.


If you don't want to e-mail address to be changed at run-time - you can specify this behaviour by using such code:

procedure TForm1.EurekaLog1ExceptionActionNotify(EurekaExceptionRecord: TEurekaExceptionRecord; EurekaAction: TEurekaActionType; var Execute: Boolean);
if EurekaAction = atSendingEmail then
EurekaExceptionRecord.CurrentModuleOptions.SMTPFrom := CurrentEurekaLogOptions.SMTPFrom;

This code uses OnExceptionActionNotify event - see help for its description. Code changes currently used e-mail settings to defaults as specified in project options.

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