I just updated to 7.x and nothing works!
Posted by on 05 October 2012 23:17

v6 -> v7

There are big differences between EurekaLog v6 and v7.  If you try to import your old settings from a v6 project into v7 without reviewing all the pages of the v7 project setup dialog, then I can almost guarantee you will not be able to send logs or have EL work in any meaningful way.

You must (at minimum) select a Project Type and then set up the method you wish to send error logs back to your programmers. v6 had no concept of Project Type, so this parameter does not get set when you import old settings into v7.  If the project type is not set, you have basically disabled EurekaLog!

Tuning your v7 settings

I recommend you create a small app with a single button on the main form.  The button click event should raise some sort of exception.  Go ahead and load your v6 settings into the EurekaLog Project Options dialog using the Import button found at the bottom of the form. This will load your old v6 settings into your Test project.

Now, we need to finish the setup of EL v7...

In the v7 setup dialog, set the General|Project Type to VCL Forms application

Now check all the pages of the EurekaLog Project Options form an see if you have correct settings, localization, Etc that you desire for your project.  Compile and run the test app.  Click the button to raise an exception.

Your app should display the expected EurekaLog dialog boxes (if any).  If you opt to send the log to your email/web server, does it get there? Is the incoming log in the format you want?

If you are not getting the results you want, then stop your test program, tweak the EL settings, recompile and try again. 

Reusing your new v7 settings in other projects

Once you have your test program running, then you can export your preferred settings to an EOF file.  Import this file into any similar projects that need EurekaLog support.

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