5.x: Linker problems with C++ Builder
Posted by Alexander Alexeev on 27 March 2009 08:50


When I use EL in large application - I get linker errors. To avoid them, I need to disable the MAP generation using -x in LFLAGS. But EL can not work without map file.



 This is a known C++Builder 6 bug (did not solved in the last C++Builder 2006 version). The bug is caused by the extensive .MAP file created by linker.


Known workarounds:

 Use EurekaLog 6.0.4 or above. Now EurekaLog create the .MAP file directly from the .TDS file, without the Linker help.


See also:

Checked EL version: 5.x
Tested IDE version: C++Builder 2006
Ticket ID: none

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