7.x: EurekaLog compilation stage is not visible
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 22 March 2018 13:17


I do not see "EurekaLog" stage during compilation.



  1. Check that EurekaLog IDE expert is installed: do you see EurekaLog items in IDE's main menu? If no - you must install EurekaLog IDE expert, either manually or by using "Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" tool;
  2. Check that background compilation option is off;
  3. Check that show compiler progress option is on;
  4. Do you have "EUREKALOG" conditional symbol defined for your build configuration profile?
  5. Update all other IDE extensions (such as CNPack) to the latest version.
  6. Do you have IDE experts that may modify .map file installed? Such as JEDI (JCL). Check that option to delete .map files is NOT enabled.
  7. Do you have any errors in IDE's "View" / "Messages" / "Build" window?

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