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7.x: IDE breaks into EurekaLog's unit with "// You do not have source code" lines all over
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 09 August 2020 21:13


IDE may stop executing my application when I run it under debugger. IDE opens a new tab in code editor with EurekaLog's unit. However, there is nothing useful inside, just a lot of repeating "// You do not have source code" lines.



  1. You are using Trial or Professional editor of EurekaLog (e.g. without source code). These editions of EurekaLog come with headers only (e.g. interface sections). That is why all implementation sections are empty (filled with "// You do not have source code" comments);
  2. The reason why you have stopped inside EurekaLog's unit may vary:
    • EurekaLog may want to draw your attention to the problem which happened in your application;
    • There may be an exception inside EurekaLog's code.



Check call stack of your application (View / Debug Windows / Call Stack):

  1. If you are inside ELowLevel.DebugBreak function - it means that EurekaLog is trying to get your attention, because some important issue was found in your application. Typically, it would be some memory problem (see also: "Use safe mode to handle special exceptions" option). You are supposed to inspect the problem before EurekaLog will process it. You can also continue execution to let EurekaLog process exception as usual. This happens ONLY when you are running under debugger;
  2. If you are in any other location - it usually means that there was an exception in EurekaLog's code. This could be an expected exception, as well as a bug in EurekaLog. Simply continue execution and see if application will behave as expected.

If you are still uncertain about this case - you can always create a run-time log. This log will show everything that is happening in your app. You can send us the resulting .csl file (packed in any type of archive), so we can investigate it and provide an explanation.


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