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7.x: My IDE crashes with EurekaLog 7
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 17 July 2012 09:21


When I've installed EurekaLog 7 - my IDE crashes on startup, during compilation or when exiting.


A). Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs are 32-bit processes, which are limited to 2 Gb of address space. There are also other known limits (such as command-line length, environment variables length and search paths length). Probably you have too many components and extensions installed, so when you install or use EurekaLog - these limits are reached.

B). EurekaLog may conflict with other IDE extensions that also set hooks in IDE. Known examples are AQTime, madExcept or JCL. We're investigating these issues.

C). In rare cases there may be a conflict with other external software. Typically antivirus/firewalls.


First of all - upgrade to the latest EurekaLog version (your issue may already be fixed).

A). Try to remove unused components and extensions, try to remove search paths for unused components or re-arrange them to move EurekaLog first. If you can not remove any component or extension - then you can use EurekaLog without using EurekaLog IDE expert. Please read this article fore more information.

B). Go to Tools/EurekaLog/IDE options and uncheck "Catch IDE expert errors" options, then restart IDE.

C). Try to disable checking for updates (Tools/EurekaLog/IDE options).


Please note that limitations of 32-bit processes do not depend on your installed hardware memory (RAM) and disk space.

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