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7.x: Compiling project with EurekaLog fails with the F2084 Internal Error: URW8074
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 24 March 2023 01:08


EurekaLog causes internal error URW8074 when compiling my fairly-large project. I have uninstalled it and re-installed older version of EurekaLog, and now I don't have that problem anymore.



Unfortunately, internal errors are bugs in the IDE's compiler. That is something that we can not fix.

Occasionally when compiling an application in Delphi, the compile will halt and display an error message that reads, for example: Internal Error - X1234. This error message indicates that the compiler has encountered a condition, other than a syntax error, that it cannot successfully process. The information after "Internal Error" contains one or more characters, immediately followed by a number that indicates the file and line number in the compiler itself where the error occurred. Although this information may not help you, it can help Embarcadero track down the problem if and when you report the error to the Embarcadero. Be sure to jot down this information and include it with your internal error description.



  1. Install the latest updates for your IDE. For example, Update 3 for RAD Studio 11 Alexandia lists one particular case of the URW8074 internal error
  2. If upgrading to the latest IDE patch is not possible - one possible way that may work is to recompile EurekaLog for your IDE version.
  3. If that did not help - please, report this issue to Embarcadero support.
  4. While the issue is being investigated by Embarcadero - please, follow these steps.


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IDE version: 11.2


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