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7.x: "File not found: XYZ" error
Posted by Aleksandr Alekseev on 17 July 2012 09:33


I get "File not found: XYZ" error when trying to compile my project with new version EurekaLog (I used the previous version of EurekaLog with fine result).


It seems that there was some kind of installation issue, so now your project uses the mix of EurekaLog 6 and EurekaLog 7 files. It also may be that EurekaLog is not registered in your IDE or registered inproperly.

There also may be a case when you have too many IDE components or extensions installed, so some kind of limit is reached and EurekaLog settings takes no effect.


  1. Try to make a clean reinstallation by following guides in help (EurekaLog 7 guideEurekaLog 6 guide).
  2. Activate the correct EurekaLog version for your IDE - via Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage menu item.
  3. Be sure to clear your project from old .dcu, .obj and other generated files.
  4. Make sure that your project do not contain explicit search paths to other EurekaLog version.
  5. Make sure that your IDE do not contain explicit search paths to other EurekaLog version.
  6. Try to run a disk-wide file search for EurekaLog and your project files. See if there are any unexpected duplicates.
  7. Sometimes it's possible that IDE do not update changes in settings. Try to run Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage tool and click on "No EurekaLog" and then - on "EurekaLog 7 with IDE expert" (make sure you close IDE before doing that and make sure to run the Manage tool under administrator account).
  8. Try to install and configure EurekaLog manually by following this guide. Try to specify EurekaLog search paths in IDE before other 3rd party libraries.
  9. Try to uninstall unused extensions and libraries. Try to clean search paths from unused folders.
  10. If this will not help - try to set search paths specifically for your project (not for IDE).

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